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About Me…

After attending Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee as a Music Business major, I obtained an internship at a production house and became passionate about all things creative. Realizing my talent, I moved to Orlando, FL and landed a video editing job at the newly founded Golf Channel.

Although I didn’t play golf at the time (and still don’t play well), I found that it gave me an advantage when editing. If I could edit golf and make it appealing to a non-golfer, then maybe it would make it even that much more entertaining to a passionate golfer. After realizing this knack, I was hooked. I ventured into marketing, sales and finally landed into a role as the Director of Creative Services. I flourished. I loved it. And eventually was promoted to Sr. Director of Creative Solutions.

At my time with Golf Channel/NBC Sports, one of my biggest attributes was the ability to manage some of Golf’s biggest creative projects across multiple departments. I did this by being a leader who could motivate my colleagues to get these projects completed within extremely tight deadlines, all while maintaining our brand’s highest standards of excellence.